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Crushed - Losing Shit 12"

Crushed - Losing Shit 12"


New York City hardcore
One sided 12" with screened b-side
500 pressed

Here's what Boston Hassel has to say:

Relatively new band CRUSHED deliver brutally awesome hardcore from NYC. Their new EP is available online only at the moment, but I believe the vinyl will be out soon. I’ve got to be honest, I fell out of love with NYHC for awhile but this band really does it for me. These songs are angry, and they are played to absolute perfection without sounding too polished. The rhythm section is relentless, never losing intensity, the riffs beat you up over and over, the vocals are bursting with negativity, and I love all of it. “Fuck This Shit (Life)” is a standout track, the first on the EP, pressing play is like unleashing a giant pack of fucking wild dogs on yourself. Instead of screaming at a wall, try listening to CRUSHED as loud as humanly possible.

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